Program FAQs

What is the key difference between Northland CAPS and regular high school?

Northland CAPS is a profession‐based learning approach where students are fully immersed in the business community, treated as professionals and participate in real projects, using industry standard tools with real business partners.

Students will gain professional skills in high demand/high skill careers, e.g. engineering, computer software engineering, advanced manufacturing, nursing, physicians, marketing, banking, etc. Students will begin their professional network with business partners and mentors, therefore jump‐starting their career all before they enter college.

Is Northland CAPS a trade school or vocational program?

No. Northland CAPS provides students the opportunity to deeply explore professions of interest through a profession‐based, inquiry learning method. Local and global business partners participate with highly skilled instructors to provide authentic exposure and skill acquisition in high demand/high skill 21st century professions.

What type of credit is offered for Northland CAPS strands?

High School elective credit and college credit is available.

What time will the classes be held?

Morning and afternoon classes will be offered. Morning class will be 7:30 am - 10:00 am and Afternoon class will be 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm.  Classes meet five days a week for a semester.

What strands will be offered for the 2016-17 school year?

How many credits?

1.5 elective credits

How much does it cost?

Tuition for the program is paid by the student’s home district.

Is transportation provided?

No. Student/family must provide transportation to and from sites.

Where will I go for classes?

  • Technology Solutions – Cerner
  • Digital Media and Design – Cerner
  • Engineering/Advanced Manufacturing – Holland 1916
  • Health/Medicine – North Kansas City Hospital and Liberty Hospital and Medical Imaging Center
  • Global Business and Entrepreneurship – BankLiberty
  • Global Logistics - Ambassador Building

All students will work with various businesses in the Kansas City area and may be required to report there for project work.

What do colleges think of a program like Northland CAPS?

College and universities believe a program like the Northland CAPS is a differientiator for a student. Many students entering college have significant academic performance, but a student that has strong academic performance AND has professional skills, rigorous internships, and a portfolio of real business projects will leapfrog college peers. See college endorsements - HERE

How will I be graded?

Instructors will provide detailed syllabus with expectations.  Students are graded on project work, assessments, and professional skills (includes attendance and dress code).

What is the dress code?

Students will dress business casual every day, unless otherwise specified by the instructor regarding project work.

What if a student does not like the program once they begin?

Students can withdraw from the program within the first five school days.