Program Overview

Northland CAPS is revolutionizing high school education through a profession-based educational model, created in partnership with Cerner, Ford, Holland 1916 and North Kansas City Hospital.  Northland CAPS serves junior and senior students in seven northland school districts, Excelsior Springs, Kearney, Liberty, North Kansas City, Park Hill, Platte County and Smithville and is designed to provide high school students the skills needed to succeed in the competitive college environment and global work force.

Students are fully immersed in a profession-based learning approach. Students are able to gain experience working with real businesses, assisting and learning through meaningful projects. In addition to being a part of real businesses, students are also paired with mentors out in the field – individuals who are working each day in these professions. Students in the Northland CAPS program meet for 2.5 hour blocks, receiving high school elective credit and college credit.   In addition to important profession-based learning skills the students acquire, they also gain professional skills such as problem solving, time and project management skills, business ethics and self-discipline.

Northland CAPS is an example of how private industry and the public education system can partner to produce personalized learning experiences that educate the workforce of tomorrow.