Business Partners

Any company/organization that provides mentors, speakers, real world projects, guest instructors, curriculum input and /or is an investor to the program is a business partner.

Here is what some of our business partners say about Northland CAPS.

"Northland CAPS provides an opportunity for students to better understand and be prepared for both the demands and the opportunities of fast-growing fields such as healthcare IT." - Laura Evans, Director of Talent Development, Cerner

"As an employer, it is exciting to see the collaborative spirit with which these six school districts have partnered with each other and those in the business community to change to status quo.  Holland 1916 is proud to affiliate with the Northland CAPS program and be part of this innovative solution." - Mike Stradinger, CEO, Holland 1916

"Northland CAPS is a wonderful opportunity for students and for the businesses that participate.  Many students have more to offer than they are able to demonstrate in a "normal" classroom.  Northland CAPS allows them to thrive and learn at the same time they assist with business and community goals.  I am proud to be part of this unique coalition of area school districts, students and the business community." - Jana Longwith, Manager, Community Health and Wellness, North Kansas City Hospital

If you are interested in real world projects for our students please, contact us.