Project Request FORM 

Here are some sample projects that have been done by our students.


Holland 1916 - Process Improvement- The student is responsible for reviewing all procedures for both office and production related processes. Additionally, the student is then auditing checklists and procedures for accuracy, updating them to be more efficient, and creating a directory of the procedures by department. Student collaborates with Quality, Team Leader, Management, and Team Members.

Partner with Clay County Economic Development to gather and analyze data from businesses in Clay County, then create a recommendation for the development of upscale shopping experiences, courting companies like Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Whole Foods.

Partner with a start-up company located in Kansas City Start-Up Village to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, including a social media strategy to increase the awareness of the new product line.

Partner with the National Airline History Museum to design more efficient electronics involved in controlling traditional and unmanned aircraft.

Partner with Holland 1916 Quality Managers to redesign the process flow of operator cabins that enable cost savings.

Partner with Liberty Hospital and Northland CAPS engineering students to design and develop a plan to build a state-of-the-art simulation lab to practice patient care and life-saving procedures.

Partner with Mozilla Firefox and local cardiologists to design new gigabit technologies that reduce hospital readmission rate of congestive heart failure patients.

Using Gamemaker or Unity, students partner with companies like MindMixer to develop the basic gameplay engine for a new client that wants to take Public Meetings on the road.

Partner with LightEdge Solutions, enterprise-grade cloud service provider, to determine and analyze capacity tolerances. 

Carroll Parts - Hardware / Networking – Client has very slow connections purchased 2 wireless routers for us to set up and configure.  Web site redesign

MARC - Develop a mobile device application to connect youth (ages 14-21) to fun, entertaining and helping resources in the community.  This project hopes to produce a mobile application (either hybrid or native) capable of making those connections and is engaging for the target population.  Hopefully, so engaging that the app could be monetized locally (the KC Metro Region) and possibly nationally.  To that end the project will require an enticing, but functional graphic design, a data collection process for any data not obtainable from secondary sources, a comprehensive marketing strategy and a middleware server interface.  Large project multiple year.

If you are interested in providing real world projects for our students please fill out the PROJECT REQUEST FORM.