Global Logistics

Week of May 15, 2017

As our 2016-2017 session comes to a close, we are proud of the accomplishments for our Global Logistics associates. The group came into the year with very little knowledge on the “how” of creating more efficient systems for businesses, which is at the heart of logistics. We are proud to acknowledge that each of our associates have turned their spring internship into a paid summer internship through either the actual company they worked for this past spring or through a connection with their internship.
One of the core beliefs of Northland CAPS is the modeling and utilization of networking skills in a true work environment. Each of our associates fully exercised their mastery of this skill throughout the year. 
As we thank our associates for their time and effort, we look forward to the next group coming in August. New challenges await us as has been mentioned in an earlier post, we are experiencing a 600% increase in Global Logistics enrollment for the 2017-2018 year. Also, we have a much more diversified group next year with new associates looking for experiences in areas we have not previously been. As we return in August, we will be looking to serve these young adults in capturing their career opportunities.