Internship - Business Perspective

 2016 Spring Internships- Business Partner Feedback


A few photo's showing our CAPS student; Taylor Stewart, at work. She has done a great job and is representing other CAPS students very well.

Grant Smith, DDS - Dental Designs KC



Tuesday February 23rd, Andrew Macken, Greg Teschner, and I met with Ricky Hicks, an engineer with Pratt Industries.  The goal was to validate the tab-lock box design that Andrew created.  Ricky showed Andrew how to properly manage and prepare the CAD files for printing from the Adobe suite. Ricky made a copy and altered the design to save some square feet from the final design. The next step was to use the C&C machine to create the box designs.  Ricky created both his design and Andrew's so that I could compare the results.  Each step of the C&C machine was carefully explained by Ricky as Andrew attentively asked further questions.  

It's an amazing process to watch a box be created.  Seeing Andrew's tab-lock design being born was fun, but seeing his face was priceless.  Ricky and Andrew put their boxes together, and we all left with smiles on our face.  Andrew, Greg, and I are all going back to Pratt for another round of box making once the graphics for the box are perfected.  Thanks Pratt Industries! - Mike Kearns, VinoPair




They made the first video on this blog and Ryan is actually narrating live:

Taylor Stewart; Staley high student, has been great to have in our dental office.  She has been very involved in learning the duties involved inn a dental office.  I have attached a couple pics of her.  I think CAPS is a wonderful program.  Grant Smith, DDS - Dental Designs KC

James and Trey are having a blast. After some research and meetings addressing social media marketing, possible SEO changes needed to our website and implementation of mobile scheduling and job tracking, They have been unleashed. They are free to make any changes we discuss in our morning meetings and enlist the help of multiple strand instructors to help implement those changes. They are responsible to track results in the social media outreach and make recommendations to focus results both for EDU Lawn and personal accounts also. That means they are getting their names recognized in our community as well.  The SEO part is still being researched and should be brought to implementation with the next few weeks.  They have met with our project manager and come up with a list of priorities concerning the implementation of mobile systems (tablets) in our vehicles. This will allow employees to time in and out from the vehicles, establish a list of jobs and routing for the day. Onsite estimate process allowing us to give out service costs immediately.  They have more then a full plate and are really enjoying themselves. They are planning to put together instructional videos on systems they found success with to present to CAPS and also used with future interns at EDU Lawn to improve upon what they have already accomplished. We will see if we have enough time to make that a reality before semester end. - Todd Coleman - EDU Lawn


Andrew Macken has achieved a milestone with his project at Vino Pair.  Andrew's major project is to design a new tab-lock box for Vino Pair.  Andrew's first step was spearheading a recycling program for Vino Pair and getting it all integrated.  That required Andrew to identify the shipping materials Vino Pair currently uses, research how to recycle those items, and develop a plan for how to communicate that to Vino Pair's customers.  After identifying and researching the shipping products Vino Pair uses, Andrew wrote the written copy, assisted with the photography and helped develop the Vino Pair recycle webpage.  This a huge step for Vino Pair.  Now, the recycling program helps guide the customer to recycling the packaging Vino Pair uses.  As the new tab-lock box is developed by Andrew, the recycling url we be part of the box. -Mike Kearns - Vino Pair



Here are some pictures of Lexi in action.  She has been very busy decontaminating equipment, setting up our CPM’s, setting up trapeze’s, filling polar care coolers and going to the Recovery room to help set up the CPM’s.  She has been absolutely wonderful to work with!  She is an engaged team member and we are blessed to have her with us. - Dawn Lockey - NKC Hospital


We just finished our fifth week with Stanton here and it is going wonderfully.  We started the first week with optics and general terminology as well as a lot of observation.  Beginning with week two and continuing through this week Stanton has had a lot of hands on patient care with pretesting and ocular examination procedures.  He has also determined contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions as well as performed supervised examinations on about 10 patients so far. - Jeff LaFerla - Laferla Family Eye Care

Harvest Productions is a full-service production company based in Kansas City.  Since 1986 Harvest has worked on every type of production, from the KC Symphony at the Kauffman center, to concerts at Power & Light, to corporate meetings at the Kansas City Convention Center and galas in the Grand Ballroom. We work on all aspects of the show, doing the lights, sound, cameras, event planning, staging and all show prep. Last year alone, Harvest worked in 12 countries and 30 states.


Harvest is proud to partner with Northland CAPS. Our interns are learning what it takes to implement a live event, all the way from sales and design to gear prep and truck loading, along with everything that happens on show site and back at the shop.

 Nolan Harless at his internship at Snacks on Racks

We are really enjoying having Tyler here. He is a great young man and a great help to us. I took a couple of pics of Tyler in action ;) for you. Tyler will be working on our logo to send to you too. Our main logo and tag line is too long. He will probably be done with it next week.

He has been making many changes to our website content, photos and creating new pages. He created a concept logo to send to the vinyl graphics company for a race car we are sponsoring this season.  We really appreciate the partnership with Northland CAPS.  - Bill Van Kirk, Discount Crowd Control

Connor Degginger, a senior at Park Hill, is interning at Pro Athlete, Inc in the Fulfillment Center. Pro Athlete is an eCommerce company that sells baseball and softball bats & gloves. They use an 100% paperless, electronic inventory management system and shipping process. Since joining Pro Athlete, Connor has taken on many tasks. He has helped with daily cycle counting to maintain accurate inventory counts. Counting each row takes about forty five minutes and helps ensure that we do not oversell any products or place them in the wrong bin. Pro Athlete receives merchandise every day and Connor has worked with the receiving associate to make sure that everything is received correctly. During Connor's time here, we have received over 10,000 items.  Connor spends the majority of his time picking and shipping items. Each team member is able to pick about 200 items per hour and ship 100 items an hour. With Pro Athlete just getting into our busy season, Connor will be a big help in helping us reach our goals. We are grateful to have Connor on our team and appreciate all of his hard work! - Nicole Lewis - Pro Athlete, Inc.



We enjoy having Northland CAPS interns here at TK Architects. Right now we have Gabby, who is absolutely wonderful! - TK Architects



I have attached some before pics of the job site that we are currently working on. On this particular project we are going to be  doing a lot of tearout, building new retaining walls, some paver patio work, and of course, plantings and other bedding work. Kristopher Fuller, Full Features 




Thank you for pairing us up with Jackson. He is a great young man with a bright future. He is self motivated and driven which will take him a long way in the future. He works very well with broad guidance and latitude to show his talents. He has exceeded every expectation we had for him. He continues to film, edit, and publish our weekly web series. Additionally, we have begun to incorporate him into our actual operations.  He continues to be a great asset. Thank you again for matching us up together. Scott Jackman - KC Drone Co


I am a member of the Public Infrastructure team with Olsson Associates and have been working with Connelly White and Conner Rumney since the start of the Northland CAPS program this semester. Connelly and Conner have been working on a project for us located near the Legends shopping district in Kansas City, Kansas. This project includes a full site development for a property East of I-435 that incorporates three different teams that we have in our office (Public Infrastructure, Land Development, and Mechanical/Electrical). We are currently in the first stage of the project which includes the design of the sanitary sewer main. They are drafting the construction plans and will soon be sizing the sanitary sewer main throughout the proposed development. They will be with our Public Infrastructure team for another week before moving on to another phase of the project with our Land Development Team. Connelly and Conner have been great assets for this project so far and are well ahead of where we had thought they might be at the start of this internship. I believe this can be attributed to the hard work and diligence they have shown throughout their time here. Marshall Davis - Olsson Associates



Ryan and Jacob were at Volleyball Beach this morning shooting a commercial and they did awesome! Here are a few photos of Ryan in action. Anne Cull - ThinkViral, LLC


Alexandria has been hard at work at our senior portrait studio since the beginning of the semester.  On her first day with us, we held a team meeting and gave her an overview of our 2016 marketing plan.  We reviewed with her what we felt were the opportunities for her to use her creativity and current skillset to develop pieces for the marketing plan.  We also reviewed the skills she felt she needed to work on the most and how we could help her do that.  We used our white board to map out the plan needed to accomplish all of our goals.  Her first challenge was to learn our iMac as she is used to the Windows platform, but she seemed to adapt to the different operating system pretty quickly. 

She began work on some graphics we needed for our social media feeds and we have already put those into use.  Her biggest challenge to date was to work with our team to create a 32 page magazine for our upcoming Model Team meetings.  Using both Photoshop and InDesign, she did the majority of the design and layout work and we also let her model for the magazine cover.  That was quite an experience for all of us as our team made the dress she wore for the photo shoot and then we ventured out in 24 degree weather to create the images. 

The results were fantastic and we are very happy with Alexandria’s work and the final product.  We are looking forward to working with her on two more studio magazines as well as other projects related to our social media campaign.  - David and Jodi, Maxxum Photography


The CAPS student who is working with my team, Jack Wright, is helping at our IT Support Front Desk. He learning how we repair computers and is helping resolve issues with them as he is able.  We are also starting to have him help us with our team documentation and knowledgebase. All of this information is stored on a wiki site, so he is editing wiki pages to update our documentation as is needed. - Matt Welters, Cerner


Here are Kelley Collins' first two stories for



We are enjoying our time with our Northland CAPS associates, Max Dobbler and Jared Adams! Both associates are learning about the different functions of the Chamber. Jared is helping update the Chamber website to make it more user friendly and up-to-date for our membership base. Max is supporting the Legislative Affairs Committee by researching Missouri State Legislators in preparation for the Chamber’s Legislative Trip to Jefferson City in February. He’s also had the opportunity to sit in on the Chamber’s Education Committee.  Both associates had the opportunity to attend the Chamber’s Annual Banquet on January 16 in celebration of our Northlander of the Year. Also, Mr. Pat Stidham and several associates attended the Chamber’s 5th Friday Coffee networking event at National American University in Zona Rosa. We are so grateful to support this wonderful program. Thank you for allowing us to play a part in the learning process and professional development for these young professionals. Meghann Henry - Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce



Students solving startup challenges - Brian Kerns, HipHire


We are in our third week of the internship and Zac, our intern, has already done more than some of our hired and paid developers.  Plus we enjoy his presence and addition to our team!  He has already:  created a facebook store for our company, migrated a wordpress site and created updates and plugins, started working on redesigning our website, and created a logo.  We are a start up software company and are so lucky to be part of this program. It is so essential in the start up community to have tech support to get your business up and running that is should be a requirement to have someone like Zac around.  As I have witnessed myself in our business accelerator there were 10 companies that started here and there are only 2 left and the 2 left had tech support.   His help has moved our company forward at a pace we have not been able to achieve before and it also gives us the confidence to know that with his help we can accomplish more. We have also used interns from other sources around town, but it took so much time to train them, create curriculum that fit their skill sets, manage them, and then get them motivated.  With our experience with Zac, we have not had this experience.  He tackles every task himself and is busy every second!  Watching him solve problems and complete assignments makes me wonder why I have paid some of my developers so much money as I see him doing a better job than some of my professional developers.  He doesn't complain about any tasks and gets on the phone and computer to solve problems most people would complain about for days before they would attempt to solve. Send us more people like Zac!  - Jennifer Taylor, The Swapping Company


We have enjoyed our first couple of weeks with Cooper Kelly.  He’s hit the ground running as we are knee deep in issuing W-2’s and 1099’s for our clients before the end of the month.  He’s helped out with a little of everything from scanning, assembling payroll tax returns, entering 1099 transactions, and preparing excel spreadsheets.  The two and half hours goes by quickly, at least for us.  We’re glad to host and appreciative of his assistance! - Denis Guzman, HG+CO Accountants


Drake Rastorfer seems to be settling in nicely at Cerner. As far as his activities during his first couple weeks on the job, he has primarily been focused on completing WBT’s (required Web-based training courses for new associates) and HP Server firmware upgrades. He is also contributing to a recently initiated project to audit and correct/update certain information in our Remedy ticketing system database relative to UNIX servers here at Cerner. - Tony Cosmillo, Cerner


We currently have Tyler Dunn working for us.  Our goal is to update our website and make it more user-friendly (especial on mobile devices).  Tyler has run into issues with our current CMS editor and is looking at moving our website to WordPress.  He is a delightful young man and I enjoy working with him. - Linda Casey, Premier Coach RV Sales, Service and Rentals


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