William Jewell College in Liberty, MO is pleased to announce the Northland CAPS Scholarship. William Jewell College recognizes the unique learning experiences the Northland CAPS program provides and encourages students to continue this same type of immersive and experiential education throughout their college career. William Jewell College values our students’ experiences (academic and co-curricular) and the necessity for students to participate, contribute and involve themselves in the educational process. 

Listed below are the guidelines for the Northland CAPS Scholarship at William Jewell College:

  • High school students must complete the CAPS program and submit a letter of participation from the Northland CAPS Executive Director with their application for admission to William Jewell College.  The application for admission will be available on July 1st at the following link:
  • Students must successfully complete the CAPS program and matriculate to William Jewell College to receive the CAPS Scholarship.
  • The $1000 scholarship is renewable for 4 years and will be in addition to academic and / or talent scholarships. 
  • Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA while at William Jewell College in order to renew the CAPS Scholarship.
  • Students must meet all admissible standards to William Jewell College to receive the CAPS Scholarship.
  • Students must meet minimum academic requirements for the Faculty Scholarship (2015 requirement for GPA is 3.0 and 23 ACT) to be eligible for CAPS Scholarship.
  • Students who receive Premiere Scholarship (including Oxbridge Honors or National Merit Semi-Finalist) at William Jewell College will not be eligible to add the CAPS Scholarship.
  • The CAPS scholarship can be added to academic, talent and need-based scholarships.  

**Notification of CAPS program involvement and submission of completed application for admission to William Jewell College is due by March 10th of Senior Year.  

Students who have questions about the CAPS Scholarship can contact the Office of Admission at William Jewell College at any time to discuss this opportunity. William Jewell College is excited to offer Northland CAPS graduates this unique and significant scholarship opportunity. 


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