Digital Media and Design

Two days left until summer. Seniors graduating. Juniors preparing to be their high schools examples of experience and perseverance. As the inevitable changes of school occur and the future is a synonym for endless possibilities, the past must be giving a tip of the lid for without the past the future wouldn’t stand a chance.
               Reflecting on the last 9 months of the Digital Media and Design strand it conjures a cornucopia of thoughts and emotions. Comparing the associates who began the program in August to their current selves, finishing in May, exemplifies the maturation of not only their professional skills but also of self. Looking through the associates completed movies, photographs, graphic designs, and audio knowing their trials and tribulations of unchartered processes planned and unplanned exhibits the associates grit and determination. Working with repeating business partners like 102.7, Liberty Hospital Marketing department, Harrah’s, KC Drone, Hint, Local 31, Kearney Special Olympics, Sporting KC, Platinum KC, Heritage Event Spaces and also working with new business partners like Belger Art Center, Hallmark, Hilliard Gallery, Little Class Records, Maxxum Photography, Motorcycle Closeout, Parkville Artisan Studio, Pancho’s, Squid Ink, and Studio Inc demonstrates people and companies coming together to better their communities by investing in the future success of a younger generation.
               As this team associates finish the year and blaze a trail to their potential’s destiny, I trust the “authentic application” of Northland CAPS has given the associates an insight and an advantage on their path. I hope they found a gem of and ideal they can put in the front folder of their file cabinet and reflect upon from time to time to aid them in the future. 
To the associates, parents, business partners, school districts I thank you for the support which has led to another successful year for Northland CAPS Digital Media and Design strand. To the associates I wish you the best of luck. 

The 2016-2017 Digital Media and Design strand.