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Welcome Nights

April 8
Global Business and Logistics

April 15
Technology Solutions

April 17
Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing 

April 25
Digital Media and Design

Gladstone Community Center
6901 North Holmes
Gladstone, Missouri 
Starting at 6:00pm


Welcome Nights

April 30
Medicine and Healthcare

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
1600 Route 291
Liberty, Missouri
Starting at 6:00pm

Past Events


End of Year Celebration - 2021

Thank you to all of our business partners and the Clay County Economic Development Council for supporting our mission in 2020-2021.

Business Accelerator and Senior Associates

Digital Media & Design

Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing

Global Business & Logistics

Medicine & Healthcare - Cessna

Medicine & Healthcare - Dental Care

Medicine & Healthcare - Imaging Center

Medicine & Healthcare - Optometry

Technology Solutions


Summer Teacher Academy

For the past four years, Northland CAPS has hosted a Teacher Academy in partnership with our participating school districts. This unique opportunity brings regular classroom teachers from multiple districts together to learn more about the CAPS approach to education and interact with some of our business partners to enhance their own classrooms.

For three days in the summer, regular classrooms teachers are exposed to many of the same concepts that we work on with Northland CAPS student associates: professional networking, implementing business partner projects, career exploration, and working within teams. Included in the Teacher Academy experience are tours hosted by our business partners to learn about their work environment and to better understand the skill sets needed to thrive in a business setting.

After participating in the Teacher Academy, teachers work to implement a CAPS-style project into their regular classroom. In February, Northland CAPS hosts a showcase event for participants to share their successes and learning opportunities with others.

"It was an honor to be a part of the Northland CAPS Teacher’s Academy. The program started with three days of quality professional development on how to network with the community and businesses. We took field trips to businesses to learn about how they operate and work as partners with schools and students. The professional development also enhanced my knowledge on skills for working with the business world. This was a great way to start our project in working with businesses to help our community where we were able to incorporate our preschool students in conjunction with local business to raise money for Children’ Mercy Hospital. This program overall has helped me for future partnerships with businesses and our community. In addition, has been presented in an authentic, innovative, and relevant way! This is definitely something that I will continue to incorporate within my curriculum and help prepare my students for the future. This has truly been a meaningful experience that has helped me grow personally and professionally."
Kris Rivera - Early Childhood Teacher - NKC Schools